LinkedIn is one of the best ways to learn about new career opportunities and grow your professional network. The platform has more than 675 million users worldwide, so how can you make sure that your LinkedIn profile stands out from the crowd when looking for your next position?

We teamed up with 43North and ACV Auctions to bring the LinkedIn experts right to you! Naz Pashootan and Rob Olszewski joined us for a workshop about LinkedIn profile best practices and tips for taking your presence to the next level. Here are 6 key takeaways that you can implement on your LinkedIn profile today! And for the full workshop, tune in to the YouTube video below.

Tip 1: Write a headline that explains how you’re unique

The headline immediately next to your name on your LinkedIn profile is often used to display your current job title and the company that you work for. To stand out, consider ways to utilize that real estate to show employers your expertise and what makes you unique. For example, if you were the recipient of a major award, include that in your headline along with your job title.

Tip 2: “Your network is your net worth”

The team at LinkedIn lives by this mantra, and you should, too! While your first degree connections are typically individuals that you know the best, don’t discount the value of second and third degree connections. Second degree connections are connected to people already in your network, and also casts a wider net to people that you aren’t connected with (your third degree connections). LinkedIn research indicates that second and third degree connections are valuable to your career search because it gives you access to a wider range of opportunities.

Tip 3: Ask connections for informational interviews

If you are connected with someone on LinkedIn that is working in a role or industry that is aspirational for you, consider sending them a message and asking for an informational interview. It’s a great way to gain career advice from someone in your career path and learn about a specific company or industry you’re interested in. Something as simple as a coffee meeting could be really enlightening to your professional growth.

Tip 4: Request recommendations from colleagues or managers

Recommendations are references on your LinkedIn profile from someone you’ve worked alongside or reported to in the past. From your profile page, you can request a recommendation by selecting where you worked with the individual; if you reported to them, they reported to you, or you were teammates; and sending a personal message. And remember, don’t just ask for recommendations – offer them to your close connections, too!

Tip 5: Set career interests to show relevant jobs

In your LinkedIn settings, you can select specific job titles and locations that are of interest to you so that the platform can suggest relevant positions. You can also turn on the “Open to Opportunities” setting to indicate to recruiters that you’re open to considering new roles. But don’t worry, this indicator won’t display to anyone at your current employer.

Tip 6: Create search alerts to be notified about jobs you may be interested in

Once you complete a search for relevant jobs in LinkedIn, you’ll have the opportunity to create a search alert by turning on the “Job Alert” button. That way, you can save the search criteria you entered in and be notified daily about new opportunities that are pertinent to you.