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Join us and our partners in the startup community at special events, gatherings, and business competitions in Buffalo, New York. Do you want to grow your company? Are you looking for a new career? Pitch your business or promote your skill set with people you like in the city you love through the Forge Buffalo community.

Jun 21st

Go Where You’re Celebrated: A Black Founders Discussion

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Unapologetic Coffee 11:30 am
Join 43North and Forge Buffalo for an insightful round table discussion on June 21st at Unapologetic Coffee from 11:30 am to 1 pm. We’ll dive into the concept of “going where you’re celebrated” and explore what it means to be celebrated as a founder of color. Discover how to find places where you’ll be celebrated and work together to build a community that values and celebrates diversity.
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Sep 14th

716 Career Fair

When know when the next 716 Career Fair is taking place, now all you have to do is stay tuned to find out where it will be and what fast-growing companies are going to be there!

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