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There’s no limit to the number of jobs you can post. Just request to join the Forge Buffalo Talent Network, we’ll blast your latest openings to our community in our weekly email, The Drop, post them on our social channels and spread the word at networking events. Oh and it completely free!

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“Forge Buffalo provides Buffalo startups with a pipeline of talent they can easily access to ensure their businesses can grow.”

– Peter Petrella, Managing Director, Viaduct

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Total. Talent. Strategy.

Fueled by Viaduct, Forge Buffalo works with emerging businesses to deliver a complete suite of total talent strategies, tools, and resources. We’re proud to partner with you—the local employer—to facilitate every part of the staffing experience. That means recruiting, screening, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, employer branding, and more.


Partnered with Viaduct, we don’t just “fill jobs”—we deploy a total talent strategy that helps you transition from an emerging startup to a sustainable business.

“Grit, it’s what every start-up is looking for. In Buffalo we have found it. In my experience, the commonly repeated refrain of unmotivated millennial employees is absent from the Buffalo ecosystem. The team members we’ve found have been hard-working, skilled and excellent start-up culture fit!”

– Sean De Clercq, CEO Kickfurther

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