Preparing for a job interview? Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but the more prepared you are, the more comfortable you will feel. And if you’re more comfortable, you’re more likely to nail the interview and get a job offer. As your go-to source for landing the job of your dreams, we want to share some of our favorite tips and skills you should develop to have a successful interview.

What to do before the interview.

  • Research the company. Look at the company’s website, social media pages, press releases, and strategic plans to get a good understanding of their mission and vision. You can also chat with current employees to get an idea of the company culture.
  • Know your resume. Study the job description and your resume. Prepare to talk in-depth about your experiences, skills, talents, and accomplishments.
  • Practice your answers. The more you practice your responses, the more confident you will feel. Have a friend or career coach help you practice, and consider doing a test run of the interview location.

What to do on the day of the interview.

  • Get there 5-10 minutes early. Do not arrive late, and do not arrive too early.
  • Dress professionally. Wear comfortable clothes. Interviews are stressful enough. You don’t need to add uncomfortable shoes or something else to the mix.
  • Bring multiple copies of your resume, cover letter (if asked) and a notebook.
  • Be nice. These people may be your future coworkers. Be polite to everyone. This includes all other employees, the receptionists and the person interviewing you.
  • Match your communication style to the interviewer’s, and avoid interrupting others when speaking.
  • Listen carefully to the questions and responses. Ask for clarification if needed and practice active listening skills.
  • Use short, verbal and non-verbal affirmations, such as nods and smiles, to show interest in your answers.
  • Be confident but not boastful. Answer questions succinctly and highlight relevant skills and experience. Relate your answers back to the job description.
  • Ask questions. Use this time to learn more about the company culture, team dynamics, potential growth opportunities and anything else that’s important to you.

What to do after the interview.

  • Follow up. Send a thank you note or email to everyone you met with.
  • Send everyone you chatted with a different note.
  • Seriously, don’t send the same message to everyone.
  • Use this as an opportunity to show your appreciation, express interest and answer any unanswered questions.
  • If you don’t get the job, ask for feedback. Some companies won’t give feedback (and that’s okay). Apply any feedback to future interviews.

Successful interviewing is a combination of preparation, communication, and confidence. Using these tips will put you well on your way to landing your dream job. You got this!