Job seekers, employers, and entrepreneurial spirits have a new place to connect in Western New York, and it’s right here at Forge Buffalo! Are you looking to make moves in the startup community? Do what you love. Do it in Buffalo. Do it with Forge Buffalo.

What is Forge Buffalo?

Forge Buffalo is a talent community of job seekers, employers, and entrepreneurial spirits in Buffalo, New York.

Established to become an inclusive hub of new opportunities, the Forge Buffalo dream is to celebrate a vibrant community of fresh thinkers, doers, and movers.

You want jobs? We’ve got ‘em.

Networking opportunities? You bet.

A robust pipeline of talented pros to staff your business? Absolutely.

Forge ahead in the City of Good Neighbors with your new network of startup friends at Forge Buffalo!

Who is Forge Buffalo for?

At Forge Buffalo, our mission is to promote Buffalo as a place to be for startups, emerging businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

With a built-in commitment to job seekers and small business owners in and around Buffalo, New York, we’re here to help put the right people in the perfect position to thrive. That means hooking you up with a place to search for jobs, upload your resume, attend events, post a job opening, and more.

Whether you’re looking to start a new career, grow your emerging business, or develop new relationships with like-minded friends in the city you love—Forge Buffalo is for you.

Together, we are creating new opportunities for people to connect in the Queen City.

What does Forge Buffalo do?

Powered by Viaduct and 43North, Forge Buffalo features some of the best and brightest leaders in the startup and emerging business community of Western New York.

Are you looking for a job at a hot new startup?

Do you need fresh talent to staff your emerging business?

With Forge Buffalo, you’ll rub elbows with the city’s most talented up-and-comers at coffee clubs, cocktail bars, JobCades, and more. With instant access to our special events, you’ll discover new opportunities, make connections, and put your best foot forward in a thriving community of impassioned professionals.

Pitch your business or promote your skill set with people you like in the city you love.

What are the fat cats saying about Forge Buffalo?

“Viaduct is dedicated to delivering Buffalo-based startup businesses with employees they need to succeed, and we’re excited to team up with 43North on this exciting initiative.”
– Pete Petrella, managing director of Viaduct

“One of the ways we can build on Buffalo’s momentum is to connect our community’s innovative companies with the talent they need to fuel their growth. That’s why 43North is excited to partner with Viaduct to introduce Forge Buffalo.”
– Colleen Heidinger, President, 43North

Are you ready to join the Forge Buffalo community?

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