Flight Controls GNC and Simulation Engineer

  • Company: Bechamo
  • Posted: 10/24/2021
  • Location: Buffalo, NY
  • Category: Engineering


Bechamo works on an interesting range of applications, from small UAS to larger man-sized aircraft and related components.  This is an early-stage startup, so a unique opportunity to help become and shape the company culture, tools, and direction.

Bechamo is seeking a talented GNC engineer to become one of the company’s second tier founding members.  You’ll get to work on many types of aircraft, technical solutions and be able to create new methods, algorithms, and solutions that will change the world!  You will be able solve more of the problem, gain experience, grow your skillset and own a piece of the company.

We are looking for a flight controls and software engineer who can help shape Bechamo’s products. As a key member of the company, you will develop control solutions for aerospace and controls-related applications.

Job Requirements

Position Requirements (your “responsibilities” are to do whatever needed to help make OUR company succeed)

  • MS in Aerospace Engineering or related engineering field (1+ years of experience, counting any internships or group side projects)
  • Aerodynamics knowledge
  • Classical, modern, adaptive, and nonlinear control techniques
  • Experience in simulation development
  • System modeling and dynamics
  • Ability to code in C/C++ and  MATLAB
  • Experience in simulation development and analysis

Preferred/Nice to Have:

  • PhD in Aerospace Engineering with Controls, Dynamics or Simulation focus (2+ years experience)
  • Embedded programming
  • Python  programming
  • Familiarity with open-source drone software and hardware
  • Electrical experience
  • Architecting and delivering reliable software
  • Experience with instrumentation and robotics
  • Aircraft design and MDO/MDA
  • Experience debugging software/hardware solutions
  • Experience with estimation theory and implementation

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