Long Story Short

  • Internships present a win-win situation for both the intern AND the company they work for. 
  • For Interns:  internships offer exposure in their industry, a taste of the professional environment, gain experience, help build a resume, and offer invaluable networking opportunities.
  • For Employers: offering internships is a great way to find upcoming talent and increase the efficiency of your team. Plus, new blood brings new perspectives, which is vital for a company’s success.

Value For Interns

Exposure to the Field:

Classroom learning is a major part of the college experience, but internships allow you to apply what you learn in the classroom in a professional setting and help prove that all the tuition you’re paying isn’t for nothing. You get hands-on experience, industry insights, and the opportunity to “test drive” a career. “It’s important to look for an internship in a company that we appreciate from our heart, love what they do and agree with their mission,” says MD Hasin, an intern from 43North, “it’s important that we like the internship experience, people, culture etc. Maybe then I can see myself working there!” On the other hand, might just learn that it’s time to change fields — an equally important learning experience! 

Networking Opportunities:

Building a professional network is almost as important as building professional experience. “Internships are arguably the most important experience for students to have during their time in college,” said Chad Witherell, recruiter, Forge Buffalo. “Start early and introduce yourself to as many people at your school and in the community as possible.” Making connections (even with other interns) is the best way to rise up that career ladder. One of the biggest reasons why networking is beneficial is that 85% of vacancies are filled via referrals. You might even get a job offer at the end of it all!

Gain Experience:

Building a good resume is hard. Every young professional knows the frustration of being an “underqualified” candidate. At some point or another, we’ve all asked, ‘How on earth am I supposed to get any experience if I can’t even land a position at the bottom of the ladder?’ Internships are one of the only ways to get that coveted experience: “Fresh out of college, you rarely have anything significant to say in a job interview. No one asks about your accounting class or what grade you got on a group project,” explains Kaitlyn Trabucco, founder of Educents by CoLearn.“ The best real work experience you can have is in your internship.”

Value For Companies

Scouting Talent:

New talent could be hiding right under your nose. Offering internships can help you find them and create a pipeline for new hires. “Internships can help companies scoop their competition by finding, onboarding and immersing their next great hire in their company culture before they hit a competitive labor market,” said Carly Ortiz, Senior Talent Manager, 43North.  Companies can test talented workers virtually risk-free, which will ultimately reduce recruitment costs. 

“Internships can help companies scoop their competition by finding, onboarding and immersing their next great hire in their company culture before they hit a competitive labor market,

Carly Ortiz, 43North

Increase Efficiency:

The biggest advantage to having an internship program is that you can prioritize your use of time. Interns can take charge of low-level or non-urgent projects, freeing up your staff to tackle the big problems and other core business activities. Having an extra pair of hands will always be helpful!

New Perspectives:

Every company needs to invest in innovation, or they will be quickly left behind. Bringing new people on board provides an infusion of different perspectives and ideas. Plus, there’s no better way to get with the latest trends than by bringing young professionals onto the team! They know what they are talking about (most of the time).


Internships are an integral part of every professional’s career. For employees, they serve as the stepping stones between the classroom and the office, jumpstarting careers. For companies, internships offer a way to shape the workforce of tomorrow. 

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