We get it. The startup life isn’t for everyone and working for a larger company does have its benefits like better name recognition, less variation in day-to-day activities, and more stability. Knowing what’s important to you, what work style complements your skillset your career goals and what it’s really like to work for a startup is a major key.

Let’s start by debunking one of the biggest myths people have about life at a startup. It’s not all fun and games. Don’t get me wrong, there will be fun, but all startups don’t have game rooms, foosball tables, halfpipes or people skateboarding down the hallways. What most startups do have is an excellent handle on how to create a stimulating work environment and company culture. Why? Because building something from nothing is hard work, and it requires a lot of time and effort from a small group of people, so, for most startups, culture is king.

A skill that most founders would say is a must for working at a startup; adaptability is also a common theme in the startup life. On any given day, workers are asked to perform tasks that cover a wide range of skills. This can be intimidating, but many soon realize that these tasks allow them to gain invaluable technical knowledge of new programs, software and other skills that provide the foundation for their career growth.

“You will get five years of a career in one year. You’re going to be pulled in three different directions and asked to learn things you never knew you want to know how to do. And the next time it comes across in life, you’ll be like ‘oh yeah, I know how to do that.’”

Paul Kwiatkowski, Co-Founder & CTO GroupRaise

One thing you’ll notice about working at a startup is the fast pace of play. Things move fast, like really fast, but there are few things more rewarding than overcoming adversity during a high-pressure situation while the clock is ticking. There are also few things more stressful than facing adversity during a high-pressure situation while the clock is ticking. Handling the pressure and building a company from the ground up can serve the cornerstone of your professional career.

One of the most significant benefits of working for a startup is that you can make a name for yourself. Remember, when I talked about flexibility and covering a wide range of skills? That’s because startups usually have small teams. But that means your work is a lot more visible to company leaders, which gives you a chance to make an early impact and advance quicker. Remember, this door swings both ways and there is nowhere to hide, so If you’re not pulling your weight or matching the team’s effort everyone will know.

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