Long story short:

  • One in four Americans is planning a new job search in the coming months.
  • Startups and tech companies around the country are working to simplify our new hybrid lifestyle and need more than tech talent.
  • With benefits like workplace flexibility, the opportunity to pursue your passion, accelerate your career, and more, now the perfect time to switch to a startup.

For individuals who feel overburdened, overwhelmed, or unsatisfied with their current position, an opportunity with a startup company could be the answer to their burnout prayers.

According to a report by Prudential Financial, about one in four Americans are preparing to search for new job opportunities in the coming months. And with more people navigating our new post-COVID hybrid lifestyle, executives at innovative companies are rushing to develop tech and build tools that can help simplify everyday life and keep employees productive while avoiding burning out. What does this mean for your job search? Startup opportunities are knocking, and you don’t have to be a techie with previous coding or engineering experience to open the door. As these companies scale up, they need salespeople, HR practitioners, marketing gurus, and various other roles to round out their teams.

If you’re thinking about changing jobs in the coming months, here are a few reasons why now is the right time to switch to a startup job:

Enjoy workplace flexibility

While the emergence of remote work as a legitimate workplace strategy has forced many employees to rethink their work situations, flexible working arrangements are not new to the startup world. Without the constrictions of corporate policies or tangles of bureaucracy, startup companies are able to offer a variety of options and can move quickly to fit employee’s needs. Looking to work alternate hours, work from home while until school is out, or a hybrid schedule that fits your new normal? You’re more likely to find it at a startup.

Escape from burnout

Regardless of job type or industry, workers from across the world are dealing with the lingering effects of pandemic job burnout. And while some organizations have emphasized the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, it may not be enough to keep employees in their current role. If you’re feeling overburdened, overwhelmed, or unsatisfied with your current position, an opportunity with a startup company could be the answer to your burnout prayers.

Pursue your passion

Per Recruiterbox, 88 percent of employees don’t have a passion for what they do. If you’re not in that passionate 12 percent, you likely realized that life is too short to work at a job you hate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jumping to a startup offers you the chance to find your passion and pursue it. In fact, for most startups, passion is a basic necessity of employment. When you’re working for a company that’s new to the market, has smaller budgets and asking you to put in long hours, passion is what keeps you coming back.

Accelerate your career

Startups can grow fast and offer employees the opportunity to grow at an accelerated pace as well. Don’t believe us? Kangrootime’s Vice President of Operations and Finance, David Gonzalez, is one of the many examples of how a startup can fast-track your experience and your career.

David Gonzalez, vice president of operations and finance, Kangarootime Photo credit: Joed Veria via Buffalo Inno

“It has accelerated my learning across various functions of the business,” Gonzalez said. “It has given me access to things I probably wouldn’t have been able to do in a corporate setting in 20 years.”

David Gonzalez via Buffalo Inno

Invest in yourself

Jumping from one organization to another could pay off—literally! According to a pre-pandemic Bloomberg report, employees who chose to switch jobs enjoyed average compensation growth of 5.3%. Companies know that with qualified talent in such high demand, they’ll have to pay a premium to secure your services. If you’re a high-potential candidate looking to join a startup, you may even have the chance to secure equity in the company—thereby increasing your potential earning opportunities.

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