Thinking about coming back to Buffalo? We can’t say that we blame you!

And neither can our friends at Invest Buffalo Niagara, which is why they put together this incredible, edible (not really, but sort of?) Buffalo Niagara Relocation Guide. Packed to the rafters with everything you need to know about about jobs, neighborhoods, culture, family life, schools, costs of living—and so much more—this ultimate guide to living your best life in Buffalo will have you back on your own throne in the Queen City before you can say “double double,” “extra crispy,” and “go Bills!

Interested? Great! Curious? That’s cool, too. Uh, confused, maybe? No worries. Here’s a quick peek at everything you’ll get from the relocation guide.

Living the life.

Find out where to settle in or set up shop with a colorful look at the county, cities, and towns of Western New York. Immerse yourself in the quiet comforts of rural life, have a suburban cookout with friends and family, or surround yourself with the beeps and boops of city life—minus the smog, traffic, and snobbery of those other fancy-pants metropolises. See what’s good, why, and where you want to be in the Buffalo Niagara Region.

Home sweet home.

Speaking of the good life, did you know that Buffalo is the best market for millennials to buy a home? Learn (or remember) why Buffalo is known as “The City of Good Neighbors” when you discover (or rediscover) how diverse, open-minded, and culturally stimulating Buffalo is (or always has been, only now a little bit more-so). Yes, our region has experienced a good deal of growth in the last two decades, but now all it’s missing is you.

More to learn.

Got kids? Want to further your own education? Western New York’s got no shortage of top-notch K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and workforce training centers—all of which you can explore more in the relocation guide. From public to private schools, government programs, and childcare/after-school programs, you and your family are well taken care of in Buffalo, New York.

It’s nice to meet you. (It’s nicer to eat with you!)

Yo, Buffalo is legitimately America’s friendliest city. In Buffalo, we don’t just order a drink—we order a round. We don’t just go to a show—we dance the night away with new and existing friends in fun and invigorating places. We also help each other, take care of each other, share stories, share meals, and share a life that only we know we can live together—only in this place—only at this time. And, well, in the future, too, of course. Read the relocation guide to find out how!


Don’t take it from me. Take it from this dude, Janne Sirén. Okay, less of a “dude,” maybe, and more like the leader of a world-class institution, he’s the Director of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, he’s Finnish, and he loves himself some Buffalo: “I’ve lived in 13 different cities and seven different countries over the past five decades and I’ve never been as happy as I am in Buffalo. From the very outset, I felt in tune with the friendliness, openness, and curious inquisitiveness of Buffalonians.” Hot damn, Janne! The music and murals and museums… the history and homes… the theatre and architecture… the wining and dining… and it’s all happening in Buffalo.

Let’s go!

Bike. Ski. Climb. Hike. Run. Walk. Run. Drive. Park. Tour. Touch. Taste. Trail. Swim. Sail. Do it all on the beach (yes, there are beaches in Buffalo), or in the park, or at a game, or even in Canada for crying out loud! With so many sports, outdoor opportunities, and healthy activities in and around town, the Buffalo Niagara Region is flush with four-season fun from January to December. And the festivals! My god, the festivals. Open up the relocation guide and get your calendar ready to rock, walk, shop, and celebrate our fair city from top to bottom.

Working it.

It’s okay to love where you work, honest. Learn to love your job again in Buffalo, where businesses are opening, relocating, and expanding across the region just about every day. The 11th best American city for women executives, for example, Buffalo celebrates an inclusive culture of talent, triumph, and good fortune in business, advanced manufacturing, life sciences, the arts, and more. And with so many organizations committed to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Western New York (43 North, Viaduct, Launch NY, UpstartNY, and of course, Forge Buffalo, Buffalo is the place to be for new business opportunities and fresh perspectives.

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